It’s PIE time we THANK YOU!!

It’s that time of year! Time for us to Thank YOU for our bounty and offer you some holiday cheer!

Come join us at our office for coffee and treats, we have some great things for you here, and not all of them just to eat!

Molly Acosta with Highlands Mortgage has helped close homes for a number of our clients this year and will be here to help celebrate and to share with you the unique offerings she has to help you get to your next dream home! She also will be offering a raffle for some holiday items you are sure to love!

Like us on facebook at: to enter a drawing for an adorable sign for your front door!

We look forward to unveiling our new team name after adding many new members to our business this year: Emerald Cities. Join us so we can kick this holiday season off right with the people that matter: YOU.

Neighborhood social network Nextdoor launches real estate listing service 

Lake Highlands Property has joined, and we would like you to join too! Next Door has had it’s next major boost in the market, and it is a great way to get to know your neighbors, get updates from local public services, increase safety in your neighborhood, and find excellent recommendations for local services.

Join Us on Next Door!

This article from HousingWire outlines some of the great new benefits coming to you from Next Door… Time to join the next wave!

An Exciting New, Alternate Interface for Real Estate!


Source: Neighborhood social network Nextdoor launches real estate listing service | 2017-07-13 | HousingWire

Thank YOU Lake Highlands!


We are looking forward to planning our next event, and we hope to see some of you we missed! If you have a suggestion for a local cause please email us at!