Hauling for the Harvey Hurricane Fund

On Friday, August 25th, Hurricane Harvey made landfall on the coast of Texas and started a path of destruction that continued for nearly a week. The aftermath will last much longer.

On August 28th, Greg Fowler @ Lake Highlands Property teamed up with the DeShong Team, Myers the Home Buyers, and hundreds of Keller Williams agents in the D/FW metroplex to provide timely relief for hurting Texans:

Greg Fowler wrote:

What are your earliest memories, the very first things you can actually recall from the early years of your childhood? Mine are of the summer of 1969, a magical summer when my family lived on the Gulf Coast in the small town of Pass Christian, MS. My parents taught 4 year old me to swim, and I was ever so proud to be able to swim the length of the pool on a single breath. My father took me fishing on the pier at the end end of our street. We caught catfish and brought them home at my insistence – we had “pets” in the bathtub for a short time. Apollo 11 launched and I raced outside to see if I could see the rocket flying to the moon. What had been the perfect summer would end with a harsh lesson on the force of nature.

On the evening of August 17, 1969 my parents put three small children to bed in a house that had been prepared to weather a big storm. Windows were boarded, and the bed in their room had been placed on concrete cinder blocks. In the middle of the night, my parents transported all three of us into the small crawl space attic of our home. In the early hours of August 18, Hurricane Camille made landfall, right over our small town. Water flooded our house from floor to ceiling, and then receded. Thankfully, I remember nothing of the horrors of that night.

On the afternoon of August 18, we came out of that attic. I recall that the floors of our house were covered in silt. Our family car was at a 45 degree angle against the tree in the front yard. We made our way to the coastal highway at the end of the block. Every house closer to the beach than ours was gone, simply gone. In fact, much of the street pavement was gone.

The National Guard picked us up from the side of the highway in a deuce and a half truck and took us to a nearby shelter. Through the generosity of many people I will never know, we were given food, water, and a safe place to stay. My family lost most all of our material possessions, yet we did walk away with the most important things, each other. We needed help that day, and that help was provided.

So, my plea is quite simple. Help me provide a hand to our neighbors in the south who find themselves in the same position. From Houston to Austin and all along the coast, Harvey has left a path of devastation and floods, and the people of those areas need our help.

The four year old boy who is still alive and well inside me, thanks you for your generosity.

The response was outstanding:

Over the course of the next 3 days, Keller Williams Realty Dallas Preston Road collaborated with other KW agents, KWCares, and Black Tie Movers to fill 4 box trucks and an 18 wheeler with supplies to haul to Houston.

After over 18 hours on the road, our hometown heroes returned this evening to go back to their regularly scheduled programming.


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  1. Greg Fowler followed up with us all on Friday:

    “Yesterday was one of the longest, most rewarding days of my life. And I awoke this morning to an array of emotions; gratitude, humility, pride in the human spirit, awe at the resilience I witnessed.
    Josh DeShong and Keller Williams offices across the Dallas metro area from Coppell to Dallas to Waxahachie banded together to collect relief supplies desparately needed in Houston. On Wednesday, I got to help collect and package an abundance of “things”.
    Early on Thursday morning, like 2:30am early, Michael Spanjol and I jumped in the cab of a 20ft UHaul truck and followed an 18 wheeler into Houston. The drive was anxious, I kept wondering when we were going to hit water. Nicely, the water had receded and we made it to the distribution, wheels dry, about 7:30am.
    We were greeted by an extraordinary group of people. There was a collection of volunteers from as far away as Austin, but mostly local. From areas like Katy, which saw more than its fair share of water, to Houston, to northern suburbs. These were the people who had endured the storm, and come out on top. And they were super eager to get right back in there to help their neighbors who hadn’t been so lucky. There was an unbelievable energy in the building. I was exhausted from the previous day of loading and unloading donation trucks and then an all night drive, but I couldn’t possibly feel tired in the midst of this company.
    Today those same people are taking the donations into the field. Today, the real work of recovery begins as people de-mud homes, clear debris, and bring life back to the great city of Houston and all of the Texas towns that were impacted. They have a long road ahead, please continue to do whatever you can to support them.
    Many thanks to my friends and family who donated to our relief efforts including Boy Scout Troop 719, the Order of the Arrow Arapaho Chapter, and CISV. And to my family at Keller Williams Realty, your heart is enormous and I am blessed to be a part of your world.
    Here’s a look at the total goods we delivered being sorted and staged for distribution at the relief center.

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